Kickball Team Fundraiser



Registration Fees, Uniforms, Tents, Team Banquets, Awards And More…

We are working hard to make sure that our teams are successful; therefore to minimize upfront, individual out of pocket expenses we have implemented a fundraising program designed to afford TEAMS the ability to generate revenue to function properly! For teams, these generated funds can be used to purchase uniforms, tents, team outings/bonding activities and more….

We wholeheartedly believe this is a group effort and we will be doing as much as possible to support teams and its members be able to have an enjoyable, cost effective experience in recreational sports!

Program Details Goes As Follows:

About Tickets:

-25AndOlder Sports Will Provide The Raffle Tickets.
-Tickets will sell at $10 each.
The Dates:

Sales Period: Now- July 16th.
Drawing Date: Sunday, July 17th or 24th
The Consumer Advantage:

-There Will Be Three Drawings.
-Thus The Consumer Will Have 3 Chances To Win.

The Consumer Prize:

-1st. Place Prize Drawing $500
-2nd. Place Prize Drawing $300
-3rd. Place Prize Drawing $200
Team Advantages:

-Each Team Will Share In EVERY Dollar Generated!
Profit Sharing Goes As Follows:

-200+ Tickets Sold    = 50% Split
-199-151 Tickets Sold = 40% Split
-150-126 Tickets Sold = 30% Split
-125-101 Tickets Sold = 20% Split
-001-100 Tickets Sold = 10% Split
(The More Your Sell, The More You Earn)
Additional Team Prizes:

-The Team That Sells The Most Tickets, Wins FREE Registration For The Following SSK Season!
-If You Are Not An SSK Team, We Will Pay The Registration Fee For WHATEVER League You Desire To Join.
-Covers Up To 17 Players.
Important Notes:

-You DO NOT have To Be An SSK Affiliated Team To Participate.
-Winning Team MUST Sell At Least 200 Tickets.
-Coaches/Teams Are Responsible For Turning In Either The Tickets, The Value In Cash Of Tickets Or A Combination Of Both.
-Coaches Take Full Responsibility For Lost Or Stolen Tickets.

Contact Us Directly To Get Your Team Involved.
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