Fundraiser FAQ

Spring Fundraiser FAQ

 What’s In It For Us?
#1.  There is a sliding scale that determines the percentage amount the team will receive based on the number of tickets they sell.
 Ex. 200 tickets sold equates to 50% of the total sales that goes back to the team. 200 tickets sold = $2,000.00.  Thus $1,000.00 goes back to the team.

-#2.  The team that excels, and sell’s the MOST tickets will win FREE registration fee for its team for the following season.  Covers the TOTAL amount of players on your current roster.  Valued at $1,000.00.

-#3.  The funds made from the fundraiser can be used how the team see fit. We believe the funds can be used to produce a team banquet, buy awards, buy a 2nd Jersey, it a custom made tent that brands the team… You can even buy you coach something NICE for their hard work!!!

Can My Team Participate If I’m Not In Your League?
Yes, any team in any league can participate and benefit from this program. We will cover the cost for ANY league your team decide to join.

What Is The Prize For The Consumer:
There will be 3 drawings. 1st. $500, 2nd. $300, 3rd.  $200.  These prizes will come in the form of Visa Gift Cards, which can be use almost ANYWHERE for ANYTHING.

Does My Team Get To Actually Keep Our Cut.
-YES! The league does not. Your team will turn in 100% of the money generated by your team, and once the accounting is done your team will be given it’s split. This will come in the form of cash or money order made out to a responsible party of your team.

When Is The Drawing?
-April 10th At Duncan Park

Can someone win more than once?
-Yes. If that person has brought more than one ticket. Otherwise, once a ticket number is called, it is out of the other two drawings.

Am I responsible for unsold tickets?
-Yes. The team is required to turn in ANY unsold tickets.  The value for any unaccounted for tickets will be deducted from the total amount of money grossed by the team.

Ex. Team has 300 tickets, Sell’s 200 tickets and loses 100 tickets.  Instead of the team receiving 50% of the 200 tickets ($1000.0) the team will only split 50% of $1,000.00. The other $1,000.00 will be used to reimburse the lost 100 tickets


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